Choosing the Right Estate Agent

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Choosing the Right Estate Agent.

Moving home can be one of the most stressful things we can do. Whether it’s a young couple buying their first house or a family that’s out grown their home, buying or selling a house can be time consuming, expensive and stressful and that’s why we believe choosing the right estate agent is a very important factor in selling your home.

Carrying out Cambridge removals on a daily basis means that not only have we come to understand the process of buying and selling a house quite well, we have learnt how important it is to choose an estate agent you can trust and rely on when negotiate the best price for your house and getting that all important sale.

Here are our top tips to choosing an estate agent when selling a house in your area.



Ask a family member or friend if they can recommend an estate agent in your area. If they have used an agent and can recommend their services then we suggest making an appointment to go and chat with them about your requirements.

Local knowledge:

Is there an agent local to your area? A local agent should know your property market very well and they will know the best way to attract the buyers looking for your type of property in your area.

Experience is key:

Ensure the agent has experience in selling similar properties to yours. Check the properties for sale in their office window or view their properties online to get an indication of the types of houses they are experienced in selling.

It’s a sign:

Look out for agents ‘for sale’ and ‘sold’ boards outside properties close to you, especially the sold boards. This is a very good indication as to how good the agent is at selling property in your area.

Marketing and advertising:

Ask your agent how they intend to market your property and more importantly, how often. Ensure your property will be getting frequent and widespread exposure to potential buyers looking for a home like yours.

Past experiences:

Remember back to the time you bought your house. Who was the agent and how well did they perform when you were the buyer? If they were good then they might be just as good now.

The shortlist:

Pick three agents and ask them to give you a valuation. Remember it’s not about who gives the highest valuation, it’s about the service you will receive and finding the right buyer.

Open house:

Consider an open house to attract buyers into your home. Getting potential buyers through the door is so important and is a great way to get an offer on your property.

Generate interest:

A great way of attracting interest within a market is to advertise your property just below market value. It doesn’t mean you will get less for your house as it will quickly reach or exceed it’s market value if it is truly worth it.

Leave it to the experts:

Don’t be tempted to carry out viewings personally. Potential buyers can feel uncomfortable being shown around a property by the owner and are less likely to give their honest opinion about your house. Good, honest feedback can be invaluable when selling a house, especially if you are experiencing problems finding a buyer.

Local office:

An agent operating an online service might offer lower fees but what happens when you just really need to talk to someone face to face? A local estate agent with a local office could prove so much easier to deal with if complications arise with your sale.

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We hope you found our guide helpful, it’s not a definitive list but hopefully it will help assist you in finding the right estate agent for you.

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About the author – Jon Lamming writes on various topics about Cambridge Man and Van removal services, house clearance, storage and packing. Here he writes about finding an estate agent. Besides writing for blogs Jon enjoys surfing all over the world, Thai Boxing and riding his motorbike. The most important things in the world to Jon are his lovely Polish wife Magda and his two girls, Emily and Olivia.