Cambridge Van Man Helps Out on School Trip

At Cambridge Van Man we like to help people. We help them to move, we help them pack, we help them with their storage, we help them deliver items all over the UK and we help them to clear rubbish. But yesterday we helped out St Laurence Catholic Primary School on a school trip to the Cambridge Folk Museum.

Cambridge Van Man Florence Nightingale Trip

Pupils from St Laurence in Yr2 had been learning about Florence Nightingale and all the things she did to help the solders fighting in the Crimean War. Florence Nightingale, know as ‘The Lady of The Lamp’ because of her nightly rounds to the wounded solders in the hospital beds, introduced groundbreaking methods into nursing, mainly based around hygiene and good working practices.

When we go to hospital today we have Florence Nightingale to thank for the high standards of cleanliness and sanitization and hospital corners on the bed!


Cambridge Folk Museum

The Cambridge Folk Museum held a special all day workshop for the Yr2 pupils of St Laurence Catholic School designed to give them a practical insight into the working conditions surrounding the time Florence Nightingale was alive. The children learnt what it was like to be a nurse in 1800’s and how the bed sheets were washed and dried, how bandages and dressings were applied and what the conditions of the Scutari Hospital in Turkey were like before Florence arrived and how the changes she implemented benefitted the patients and affected hospital practices until this very day.

Cambridge Waste Clearance

The children seemed to really enjoy the hands on learning style given in the workshop classes and it gave them a chance to demonstrate what they had already learnt about Florence Nightingale and to enjoy a brief insight into what it must have been like to live the life of someone 200 years ago.


At Cambridge Van Man really enjoyed the opportunity to help out and learn something different from the usual Cambridge Removals and Man and Van work. We feel it’s important to spare a little bit of time to helping out others when they need it.

If you are a charity or organisation that occasionally needs volunteers to help oout then please let us know.

Cambridge Van Man Clearance

Jon Lamming writes on various topics about Cambridge Man and Van removal services, house clearance, waste clearance and storage and packing. Here he writes about helping out a local Catholic primary school on a school trip to the Cambridge Folk Museum. Besides writing for blogs Jon enjoys surfing all over the world, Thai Boxing, visiting the pubs in Cambridge, catching up with old friends and enjoys being a father to his two girls, Emily and Olivia and married to his Polish wife Magda.

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