Australian Removals Part 2.

With the poor weather we have been having this summer it got me thinking about my recent removals trip to Australia so I thought it could be a good time to write the second part of the Australian removals blog.

At Cambridge Van Man we are used to travelling long distances. We travel often make long journey’s around the country or sometimes over to Europe but it’s a very long way to Australia, a very, very long way! Saying that, the quality of the airlines, even when flying in Economy, makes the trip quite a pleasant experience. I still get excited when I am about to embark on a journey abroad. My wife, for example, sees it as a complete nightmare from start to finish, all the packing, the airport and especially the flight, whereas I see it as a little adventure. I relax and read a book on the train journey from Cambridge to the airport at Heathrow and take in the sights when passing through London. After check in I head straight for the duty free area and start sampling all the different aftershaves and creams and then it’s usually off to the airport pub to grab a drink or I might try out the oyster and champagne bar, well, why not?

To get me through the flight I had a plan. I had a three hour stop over in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is a twelve hour flight from London. I figured out that if I watched 3 films on the plane that should kill about 6 hours. I could eat twice, 2 hours and I would try to sleep for four hours, easy!

When I carried out my online check in I booked an aisle seat in a row of three. The window seat had been taken so I figured surely nobody would take a seat stuck in between two strangers, but I was wrong! When I got on the pane the seat next to me was occupied, but two rows down from me, in the centre row, there was an Asian man sitting at the end of a row with 3 empty seats next to him. Once the plane was in the air and the seat belts lights were off, I was up and out of my seat like a shot. I jumped into the middle row next to the Asian guy and smiled over at him. I’m not sure, but I think he might have had intentions of lying out across all four seats which did make me feel a bit bad but all was forgiven when five mins later he had his camera out and was asking me to take pictures of him whilst posing next to his in flight media screen proudly showing off the can of Heineken in his hand.

Twelve hours later and we were in KL (Kuala Lumpur). It was early in the morning and I was hungry. I sat down in the food court and ordered from the menu, it must have been around lunchtime at home because I wouldn’t normally have chicken noodles and rice for breakfast!

The second leg of the journey was the hardest but I had a herbal sleeping pill to help me through it. The novelty of flying and travelling abroad had definitely worn off. I had watched Argo, Django Unchained and Skyfall and none of the other films available interested me so I had started searching for alternative forms of entertainment. I noticed there was a facility where passengers could chat to each other through the onboard entertainment system. I looked around the plane to see who could be worth interacting with but decided it might all be a bit weird. I logged on to see how many people were using the system, none! Obviously everyone else thought it was a bit weird too!

Finally my info screen on the back of the seat in front of me told me our flight path was now taking us over WA, Australia. I sat back and closed my eyes. Oh no, I think that herbal sleeping tablet was kicking in an hour away from our final destination!

Jon Lamming writes on various topics about Cambridge man and van removal services, house clearance, storage and packing. Here he writes the second instalment of the Cambridge Van Man Australian removals trip. Besides writing for blogs Jon enjoys surfing all over the world, Thai Boxing and riding his motorbike. The most important things in the world to Jon are his lovely Polish wife Magda and his two girls, Emily and Olivia.

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