General Waste Clearance in Cambridge

With the weather getting warmer its time to start thinking about clearing out those places that have got untidy or have piles of things stacked up in them making it hard to find anything.

Here are the top 4 places our clearance teams receive calls for when customers need things from the home disposing of responsibly.

The Garden Shed

The place where the whole family, from kids to adults, throw things into at the end of summer. And why not? Its such a convenient place to pile up those old boxes or store the kids bikes and BBQ during the winter. But the real problem comes in spring when upon opening the shed door all the things that have been piled up come falling out, or its possible to get into the shed, but not possible to find anything in there.

The Loft

The Loft is my worse nightmare. Whenever I go into a loft I get visions of when I was younger, following my Dad up his ladder and entering into a whole new world of treasures, suitcases and mice!

The trauma of seeing mouse traps with dead mice and giant spiders in a cold dark loft have lived with me since I was young so whenever I have to put something into the loft in my own home I tentatively climb the ladder, open the loft hatch and throw whatever item my wife has requested I ‘store in the loft’ to a far flung corner hoping never to have to go there again.

And that’s the problem with lofts; things just get taken up there, never to be seen again until its time to clear the loft out, then the problems begins!

The Garage

Such a practical place to store a car, the shampoo, wax, buckets and cloths or the bikes, stored neatly for easy access, ready for when the whole family go on a nice family bike ride… Yeah right! Who uses the garage to keep a car in these days? Normally it’s just used to as a dumping ground because all the cupboards in the house are full and the shed is overflowing!

The Garden

Even the smallest garden can actually create quite a lot of rubbish when cutting back shrubs and trees and clearing borders in the spring. All the garden waste can be removed by the council recycling trucks when they collect the household green bin but the bins aren’t very big so it normally means a trip to the local recycling point, the nearest in Cambridge being Milton.

The trouble with taking garden waste to the local recycling point is that it usually means all the rubbish will need to be transported there in your own vehicle. Not many people have access to a van for this so it usually means loading all the rubbish into the back of the family car and taking it to the local tip and, considering the size of most family cars, it usually means much more than one trip. Loading up the family car with garden rubbish isn’t ideal as it can be very messy with leaves and mud getting into the upholstery, meaning an added job of cleaning the car afterwards.

Using a Man and Van service to collect rubbish and garden waste that has been left in a pile is a much easier alternative. The majority of Cambridge Van Man waste clearance jobs are completed by one person within an hour, so it is a good, reliable and cost effective way of transporting items to a recycling plant without the hassle of doing it personally.

Jon Lamming writes on various topics about Cambridge Man and Van removal services, house clearance, storage and packing. Here he writes about travelling from Cambridge to carry out a removal service in Perth, Australia. Besides writing for blogs Jon enjoys surfing all over the world, Thai Boxing and being a father to his two girls, Emily and Olivia.

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