The Big Aussie Move, Part 1 – Cambridge Van Man Travels 9000 Miles to Carry out Removal Services.

Its quite common for people to relocate from one city to another or to another country, and when they do it is normal practice to use a removal company to assist with the move.

But imagine the surprise when we received a call into the office requesting we assist with a move in Australia! First of all we though it was a joke but it soon became clear that the person on the other end of the phone was serious about using our services to complete a very large house and office move in Perth WA.

Removal Quote

The request came from a lady who had family that lived in Cambridge. We had moved them several times before and word had got around about the professional and organised service we provide when it comes to removals. The lady calling us from Australia had received quotes for her house move from Australian removal companies and the prices being quoted were astronomical. Of the removal companies who had quoted, only one appeared to be capable of really handling the move in a professional manner but the quote they gave was so highly priced (around £20,000) that it was not even considered to be an option.

After explaining the problem to relatives Cambridge Van Man was brought up in conversation and the next thing we knew we were getting a call asking if we would consider assisting in the move. We had to work fast as the date set for completion on the house sale was only three weeks away so we provided an estimate based on pictures of the property and a list of items to be moved that was accepted by the customer and we started making travel arrangements.

Booking The Flight

It was so exciting to be going out to work in Australia but what was even more amazing was that we had been asked to help out based on recommendations from our customers.

We wouldn’t normally carry out a move without seeing the property and giving a detailed survey, but obviously it wasn’t possible to do this on a job in Australia so we were feeling a bit of added pressure to ensure everything went well for the customer and the move was completed without any major issues.

We allowed two weeks to complete the move but booked a flight schedule of almost three weeks to allow some sightseeing time after the move was completed or worse case scenario, some extra time to finish the move if things didn’t go to plan.

We arranged vans and trucks to use to move items from Thrifty Van Rental and they also supplied us with all the professional moving equipment we would need, so all we needed to take with us was our personal belongings, and of course, our Cambridge Van Man removal uniforms.

Jon Lamming writes on various topics about Cambridge Man and Van removal services, house clearance, storage and packing. Here he writes about travelling from Cambridge to carry out a removal service in Perth, Australia. Besides writing for blogs Jon enjoys surfing all over the world, Thai Boxing and being a father to his two girls, Emily and Olivia.

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